5 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain

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Why is it that your friend who seems to eat everything in sight, never gains a pound, while if you even look at a slice of cake you gain weight? This may all be due to the genetic lottery, but diet and lifestyle factors play a huge role in determining how you manage your weight.

External aides such as fat loss oil can help but only if they are combined with diet and exercise.

Genes are not the only thing that decides why you gain weight faster than the next person. While people with the FTO gene have an inclination to eat more calories and crave fatty, sugary foods, no one can force them to eat junk. Your diet affects your weight. A single bad habit such as eating calorie-rich desserts after every meal could add a kilo to your weight in a little over a week.

1. Be calorie conscious

A slimming oil can only take you so far. Stay away from "empty" calories in the form of sugary foods and beverages. These have little to no nutritional value. Instead eat low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. You can eat more of these foods and feel satisfied without eating too many calories.

Also, if you diet, quit and then repeat the cycle then you are likely to put on more weight than someone who doesn't diet at all. Restrictive fad diets can cause binge eating in the future. Instead of going on a diet over and over again, follow a consistent regimen full of nutrient-dense foods to avoid weight gain.

2. Keep moving

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that exercise is crucial for our bodies to stay in shape. Find something that works for you, something that you can do for the long haul. This might mean long walks, regular bike rides or a workout routine at the gym. Remember, the key is to stay consistent.

3. Do strength training

Resistance exercises are one of the most effective ways for people of any age to stay in shape. It helps in building lean muscle, increasing bone density and burning fat even when you’re not working out. You can give a boost to your fat loss efforts by using ISO Plus Instant Slimming Oil.

4. Keep track of what you eat

You need to keep track of what you eat to stop weight gain in its tracks. Sometimes being mindful of what you’re eating is all the change you need. This is because you may only track your food while dieting, but after the dieting ends, so does the tracking. This is when extra calories sneak into your diet. Calories are the most important thing, especially as your metabolism slows down with age. When you stop paying attention to what you're eating anymore, you can grab an extra handful of chips here or a bigger portion of ice cream.

Keep a record in a journal, take photos or use a calorie-counting app. Use a calorie counting app because it forces you to record serving sizes, which will make you measure what you're eating. Just measuring out foods, especially addictive foods like nuts, chips, cheese and ice cream, can help you eliminate 100-400 calories or more each day.

5. Measure your weight once a week

According to research, people who weigh themselves every day have better success with maintaining their weight. But if you hate seeing the daily fluctuations, then check your weight once a week. Seeing your weight will remind you of your goals and help you stay focused on the habits you need to get there. You will remember that you need to workout, have one drink instead of three and make vegetables the star of your meals.

Also, remember that your weight isn't a measurement of fat but of everything in your body. It changes several pounds throughout the day and week so avoid stressing about normal fluctuations.